Middle & Secondary School

February 25, 2015


Middle and Secondary school practices: Overview 

Cognitive development: The curriculum implemented is interesting, integrating, challenging and exploratory to enhance the cognitive development of the students. Through active, multiple learning and teaching approaches with the help of technology, we instil in students the various thinking skills for life long learning.

Physical development: We provide opportunities to learn about physical changes and an environment where respect for differences is reinforced. Sports and extra curricular activities conducted are age appropriate and help the student to meet their developmental needs.

Social and Emotional development: We encourage the students to explore new identity roles in a healthy way. Activities help the student to evaluate behavioural options and anticipate consequences before making decisions. Teaching empathy, respect, compassion towards others and helping students to cope up with emotions.

Assessments as per CBSE| IIMUN| ATL| Field Trips and expert talks| CARE Inspire | Enrichment and club activities |Integrated JEE/NEET program| Class Exhibitions| Career Guidance.

2nd Language options from class VI: Tamil and Hindi.| Third Language options from class V| I to class VIII: Tamil/Hindi