June 19, 2017

CARE International School is happy to initiate a career guidance program called INSPIRE.

Through INSPIRE, we will give our students the chance to see, hear and make a connection with successful individuals, so as to give a diverse perspective of careers/ job environment.It is an effort to encourage our students in establishing tangible and meaningful goals, which helps them to investigate careers of interest beyond the typical surface analysis.

We aspire to call on many passionate professionals to talk to our students about how they got where they are, today.

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The power of making connections that inspire young people is immeasurable and can be life-changing.So, with this in mind we started off with our very first INSPIRE session on 17th June, with a talk on BIG DATA ANALYTICS by Mr. Karthik, Co Founder and Director of FIIND INC , USA.

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The basic idea of our INSPIRE program is to communicate the future youth of our country the excitements of creative pursuits waiting outside and it is the brightest of mind that can fetch it out and thus we have to groom our children from the very beginning itself and that’s why this time our school children had an opportunity, through our SECOND INSPIRE SESSION held on 19th Aug, to interact with COMMANDER SIBHU JOHN, INDIAN NAVY from Executive Branch Cadre holding exemplary experience and is associated with DRDO, MAKING OF BRAHMOS MISSILE and has served many more important positions.