IIT JEE & NEET Coaching

January 27, 2020


IIT JEE & NEET coaching is offered to students of 11th and 12th by the professors of Chem Solutions. Year on year we have shown remarkable results. Our program have helped students to display  clarity and confidence to crack the toughest of the exams with ease. 

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at students of Grade 11 and 12, who wants to crack competitive exams like JEE IIT, NEET, and other top performing institutes' entrance exams.

our teaching team



Prof.Justice, a chemistry expert who is in the process of obtaining his doctorate in the field of Chemistry. He is a dedicated teacher who constantly motivate students to learn. Students love to be in his class.

Prof.Sathik Jaseen.M


Prof. Sathik, is a self built man, who has 10 years of experience handling Maths. If there’s someone who can explain everything in Maths then Prof. Sathik is the one.


Prof.Mansur Basha.I


Prof. Mansur, our Physics expert displays utmost dedication in teaching. He delivers the content in an interesting and engaging way. Students enjoy his classes.



Prof. Suganthy delivers her Biology lessons beautifully. She is a dedicated, hardworking teacher who builts positive relationship with the students to get the best out of them.

Practice makes perfect

We know the only way you truly understand a subject is by practicing it in a real environment. This is why we’ve setup comfortable class schedules with lots of time for learning and understanding the concepts with dedicated hours for exercises, questions and challenges. With regular supportive worksheets and assignments, the students can practice & prepare with ease. And with enough time for weekly tests and periodical tests. 

The feedback for the same will be communicated to students and parents right after the test to help the students improve their scores.

The best campus facilities

The school situated in a 40 acre campus surrounded by vast greenery and beautiful waterbodies. The school building has an 4 court basket ball stadium at its center and a extensive playground with tennis courts,cricket field, Handball, volleyball courts and kabaddi courts.

The school has a unique school design with well lighted classrooms and corridors. Students can learn and enrich in our spacious and well equipped Physics, chemistry, Biology, Maths and compute and IT labs. Also the students can try their hands in innovation through our very own Tinkering lab.  

The school also hosts a library with more than 6000 books and 30 journals. The spaces and the stress free environment are created to bring out the best in our kids. 

So come and see for yourself, why and how CARE makes a big difference in a child’s life.

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