Fieldtrip-Exploring Hometown

Students of grade 2 to 5 went on an enriching field trip exploring their city’s infrastructure. From bridges to overbridges, signals to road maps, and junctions to subways, they looked at the idea of city planning and transportation. This experience provided valuable insights into the workings of their surroundings and how to navigate. Through hands-on[…]

Study Tour to Wayanad

Embarking on an unforgettable adventure!  Grades 9-12 students from Care International School explored the wonders of Wayanad, forging memories to last a lifetime. Students started the journey from school on 13th October. Students had a wonderful time as they trekked their way up the Eddakkal caves, stayed in tents at a camping site in the[…]

A trip to Grand Anicut

The last fieldtrip of the academic year 2022-23 for Primary (I-V) was planned to Kallanai-The Grand Anicut. As students have studied about different sources of water, Karikala Cholan, scientific instruments etc., it was decided to visit Kallanai to get an understanding of how science and nature was part of everyday problem solving. Lot of information[…]

Field trip to Fire Station

Our pre-primary children visited the cantonment fire station to learn more about the job of a  fireman. Field trips are a great way of connecting classroom learning to real-world experiences. This trip to the fire station was to raise awareness of the value of neighbourhood helpers in everyday life. It was fascinating to watch kids[…]