Exploring Sir C.V.Raman STEM park

On 28th November, primary students from class 1 to 5 went to the newly opened STEM park in Srirangam. This field trip helped them understand and experience how science, technology, engineering and maths works in everyday life.

Students had a first hand look at Sir C.V. Raman’s life story and his inventions.
Students came to know more about the principle and the reason behind each e.g. measurement of rainfall using a rain gauge, how directions are decided by aeroplanes before landing, experiential learning of formation of Secondary colours from Primary colours, invention and evolution of wheel, and so on.

A short video about the Solar system shown in the Mini-theatre was a treat to the eyes. Students shared that they wanted to watch it again and again as it was so informative and interesting.
Students had a view of exhibits related to Mechanics, Magnetism, Sound, Light, Simple Harmonic Motion, Space and Technology and Mathematics.

On the whole, this trip had opened up students’ mind to understand how inventions can make every day life simpler and fun. It also helped in breaking the abstractness of various aspects of space and natural science.

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