Children are the most pristine creations on this face of earth. On this Children’s day, we, at CARE International School ,wanted to gift them a skill that will be remembered for their lifetime.
As we all come from a background of sharing all the happenings of the day, with our parents or friends or siblings or partners, it is indeed crucial, to master the art of storytelling now, thereby reviving our ancient art of storytelling, that is losing its importance gradually.
There came an idea to invite Ms.Jeeva Raghunath, a professional storyteller. She made the day extra special, with her magic wand.
All the students from KG to Grade-XII were given the opportunity to immerse in the ocean of stories in their scheduled time.
She, not only narrated, but presented it ,with all sorts of expressions and gestures and made the session look like a theatrical experience. All our students sat tongue-tied and had goosebumps when twists and turns happened in the stories.
Not only did the story teller perform, but also sprinkled the session with rhythmic folk songs , mimicry ,roleplays and casual one liners that made the students’ eyes glued to hers and kept them highly engaged. 
The stories were age appropriate and had their roots from Indian and Asian folk culture, Europian tales, true life incidents ,cross culture and also modern stories.
It was an unforgettable day for our children as their imaginative skills were well-fed. They were seen clearly influenced ,to express themselves artistically, while they share their stories with others in the future.