‘Love’ is abstract and if at all, we want to see that,we need to look into our grandparents’ eyes.They always shower us with their unyielding,unfathomable love expecting literally nothing in return.

We tend to forget the ladder using which we climbed, after reaching our destination which should have been honoured everyday.So,we,at CARE International School,wanted to dedicate a day, to celebrate their sacrifices and it was done on Grandparents’ day on September 16,2022.

The day started with a prayer,pleading God for their good health and long life and was followed by meaningful and fun-filled activities.

Students were so excited considering every grand parent as their own, and performed in every activity with that thought. Grandparents were totally mesmerized,as they were not prone to such an open expression of love from their grandchildren thus far.

Our children presented, how much their grandparents mean to them and how much they are loved,through their skit,dances and other performances. Their love was tangible through every single effort they had put in.

To our surprise,grandparents were not mere spectators, but enlightened us with various stories,songs and dances.

Games such as popping balloons,balance walk, karagam, connections amd guess the song were arranged and they played with such a great enthusiasm. They brought the child out in them through these games that were meticulously planned by our students and teachers.

Every grandparent encouraged this initiative that strengthened their bonding and towards the end they clicked a picture with their grandchildren at the photobooth, created by them to cherish the memory of this day forever.