Having the heart( and mind ) of a child gives us a whole new vantage point, to look at the world.
We, at CARE International School want our children to get bored to an extent, to make room in their minds for exploring the nature around them. To make it easier and interesting, our children of Grade-1 and 2,  sojourned in KVK Farm to keenly watch the activities, the uses and the routine of the domestic animals and to take a look at several plants and trees around the farm. We tend to instill the thought in them, to be self-sufficient and nudge them to grow their own plants organically, learn patience and the value of food, on their plate through their efforts.
Children merged with nature as they subconsciously know, it is where they belong, and they had a great time exploring everything that was present there. Our hearts were full, seeing their cute little feet, jumping with joy at every look, and for presenting them such experiences to learn life lessons by themselves.