CARE International School celebrated its 14th Senior Annual Day by organizing in a grandeur manner at the school auditorium on 3 September 2022. All the students, their parents, teachers and staff and other respected invitees attended the function.

The programme started with the arrival of the chief guest, Mr. K.Karu Palaniappan, film director, actor and orator (Zee Tamil) at 5pm. The proceedings began with invoking God’s blessings through a prayer song followed by a welcome address delivered by the school head girl. This was followed by a short introduction of the chief guest by the school Sr. Principal, along with that the school Principal shared the eventful journey and achievements for the last two years through an annual report.

Then academic excellence awards were given by the chief guest to the students followed by teachers’ awards for their meritorious results in their respective subjects.

While addressing the gathering, the chief guest emphasized on a few aspects regarding the importance of education and freedom to be given to the child to educate themselves.

He urged parents to be a guiding stars to kids. He also mentioned a core value to be instilled in every child that He/She should be taught to face failures in life first. He said that “Accepting failures would be the first step for success”. Then he spoke about showing Love towards humanity, as it is the greatest of all virtues and if a child acquires that value…Then they would be a successful person in the society.

At last he highlighted Reading Skills… Every parent should cultivate the habit of reading to their child at home. Reading the newspaper alone will enhance the knowledge of a child. Gazing at the pop-up news in Android Devices will only mislead them. It is the parent’s sole responsibility to guide their children by setting proper trails for them.

Then the cultural events were performed beautifully by the students on stage and the audience were excited to witness the same.

Finally, the celebration ended with a vote of thanks delivered by the Cultural Secretary, followed by the national anthem. The day ended on a happy note.