What more can a teacher expect than to see her students shine in bright colours, not only in India, but abroad as well. One of our guests of this CARE Inspire, Ms. Kirthi Varsha is our alumnus.

We, at CARE International School give our children an exposure to be confident and carry themselves with confidence across India. This time, we went a step ahead and encouraged them to spread their wings and fly across nations, if it is required to study abroad.

Our alumnus Ms.Kirthi Varsha who is pursuing Psychology in Nanyang Technological University – NTU Singapore and Ms.Jyoshitha Manivannan who is pursuing Business in Purdue University, Indiana, USA have graced the event and advocated the children in an effective way to achieve their dream of studying abroad.

As it is not an easy task and many families are skeptical about choosing the option of learning abroad, they explained clearly about the opportunities that are available and the procedures to approach different universities. They also gave a clear picture of the campus environment, CCA, Club activities and flexible college schedules, all the pros and also the challenges of adapting to that lifestyle and how one has to be open-minded to merge with them without shedding our values and culture.

They also emphasized three things that are extremely necessary to get an opportunity to pursue their studies abroad, which included their self-development in their schooling, their academic performance from Grade-IX to Grade-XII and their conduct which is expected to be impressive and flawless. This was followed by a Q and A session, in which they transparently and patiently answered all the queries of the students. 

We hope that our children will surprise us by grabbing the opportunities of learning abroad, achieving their milestones and making our country proud.

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