An educational institution not only focuses on instilling knowledge in the students; but also takes the responsibility of making them fully aware of everything around them and enabling them to function effectively as Global Citizens.
We, at CARE International School, have several programmes that serve this purpose, and one among them, is our ‘CARE Inspire’ programme, where we inspire our students to act independently.
This time, our guest Ms.Shobha Managoli, a Clinical Psychology Consultant and trainer, inspired our children, giving them a psychological perspective for every action that they do.
All our students from Classes-6 to 12 attended the session that was carefully crafted for them. They discerned all the content that was given and they were tasked with challenging activities to know how much they are ready to open up, and get involved wherever they go and in whatever they do.
This workshop enabled them to boost their self-esteem,sharpen their concentration and set boundaries while going out into the real world. Students also got the answers for their brewing doubts such as social media etiquette, how to manage relationships and to have healthy arguments without coercing their ideas into others, and boil down to solutions. Along the way, we witnessed them, inching towards converting their weaknesses into their strengths.
Students were told to be guilt-free, while it is required to ask for help, and seeking help and lending hand was normalized without hesitation in this workshop, as we all need the help of one another, at some point in our lives.
Through this CARE Inspire programme, children were made immune to the threats from media, got ignited to take a clear call, when it comes to taking decisions in their lives.