As Indian mothers, we get annoyed to look at our children getting their hands and dress dirty!
But,we,at CARE International School are so happy to see our Pre-Primary,Grade 1 &2 children getting their hands muddy on the celebration of International Mud Day,on June 29th,2022 in our school campus.
     The Mud day is a day for children, because they connect directly with the amazing earth beneath us. In the process, they do get dirty, messy and muddy. Our purpose behind this, was to bring the students closer to nature and learn to enjoy the incredible creations of nature, that we are naturally blessed with. It was a pleasure to watch both teachers and children squelching around in mud and having the time of their lives!
       Playing in the mud has many health and developmental benefits for young children, including healthier immune systems, emotional health and creativity, along with the development of cognitive skills through their senses. Students were involved in various activities including making mud toys, mud painting and many more. 
          It was a truly invigorating experience and our children experienced the most magical way of celebrating the student’s life.