In the world of ultimate chaos and crimes,it has become extremely important to know how to safeguard ourselves.If the solution for that comes, along with disciplining ourselves and calming our mind,it is a great win-win. Silambam,a weapon-based martial art,tones the muscles, sculpts the body,increases concentration and helps a person to know who they are and what they are capable of.When performed,it shows the mighty strength and willpower that one possesses.We,at CARE International School want our children to face the world as fully-equipped personalities in all arenas.And thus, we expose them to the vast world of sports. Our children Kavin and Roshna went a mile ahead and they have made their ineffable World Record in Silambam, an ancient Indian Martial Art.Their swishing weapons ,with their body and spirit splurging in the art explains us,how much they are deeply in love with the art!They have made their ground-breaking records in Harvard World Records, London, organised by World Silambam Korvai Academy,Malaysia,
       We are so happy as they have made our state and country proud in their journey towards breaking records in Silambam! We wish them greater success in the days to come!