United we stand , divided we fall , I believe is the need of the hour. In the face of the pandemic and an economic depression where we cannot physically come together IIMUN virtual platform provided the students from all over India a chance to come together and have relentless brain storming sessions about the various issues and pass resolutions which may in some later date become the actual solution to the problems which our world is facing. CARE International school has been organising the IIMUN as one of the chapters at Trichy. This time also our students have participated in the IIMUN and bagged the following citations:-

  • Gokula Mahesa Rajan.T (class VIII) – Verbal mention (UNSC)
  • Sagarika (class IX) – High commendation (Harry Potter Committee)
  • Venba (class XI) – Verbal mention (UNSC)

Such a platform has not only given the students from all over India a opportunity to come together but has enhanced their abilities by giving them exposure to develop their leadership skills, research and analysis, Writing, presentation and public speaking skills. This is a platform which allows student delegates to come up with resolutions which are acceptable to the majority of the representatives inculcating in them skills of negotiation , conflict resolution and cooperation . we are happy to state that 66 students from our school participated in the Kids activities (classes 1 to 5) and in IIMUN committees (classes 6 to 12). It was a great exposure as students got to know the various prospects of other people and countries around the world on diverse issues and their impact on the world relations. We are filled with enthusiasm and hope for the future conferences of IIMUN where our students will conquer the world problems and stand united as a world nation rather then as a nation alone.