Field trip to Khadi

Swadeshi or indigenous are not mere words, they impact the very economy of a country. Any country to become a developed country must produce and use commodities made by its own country. This concept holds all the more important in this growing age of globalisation.

As a part of the 150th Birth Anniversary celebration of the Mahatma Gandhi,  students of class VII were taken to the Khadi Gram Udayog in Dheeran Nagar.

The idea of taking the children to this shop was to allow them an insight into various hand made and Khadi products that are made in India. A senior Staff at the shop also told the children about the vital role played by Khadi in our freedom struggle by not only providing employment but also teaching the concept of ‘Swadeshi”. The students had an interactive session with the various employees of the shop and understood how khadi plays a vital role in enriching the lives of various tribes, artists, weavers and how it helps in making the products available globally.

Students were stunned to see so many products produced by various indigenous groups of people and promised to use khadi products and also inform other about khadi and other handmade Indian products. This trip left a mark of pride in the minds of young Indians who learnt to appreciate the people behind such iniatives.