There is a plethora of information in the world, making it essential to tap into this bounty of information, analyse it, and use it to the best of our advantage. We are taking about collection of data and studying it also known as data sciences. There is a huge boom in the data sciences industry where the growth has been many manifolds. Today’s era is more about information and artificial intelligence. They both are the key to the future.

In order to expose our children to these options as career ventures, we had Dr. P. Anandkumar,Founder & Director of
ROOT, App-Angadi and ExamSign, to mentor the students regarding data science and artificial intelligence.

He was amongst us on 13th January, 2020. The students from classes VI to IX attended the workshop conducted by him on Data science and artificial Intelligence. He is a very profound person who has initiated lot of workshops and programs in the field of Data science and artificial Intelligence.

He gave the students an insight into artificial intelligence and the progress being made in this field. AI is basically an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans.

He also made the students conscious about the disadvantages of social media. He informed us that whatever we search in google is permanently stored in it, even though we delete it from our system’s history. We also tent to download a lot of applications in our system without bothering to read the terms and conditions which leaves us helpless later. Hence, he forewarned us about being conscious about the terms and conditions prior to downloading an application or software. He also answered the queries we put forward to him and wished us all the best so that we have flourishing careers in the field of data science and Artificial Intelligence.     

Students were very happy with the session.We were immensely happy to have had him and ever grateful for the time he spent with our studnets.