Career Guidance – Part 4- How to choose a Career?

How do most people choose a career?

Most people follow the crowd, take whatever they can get, then follow one of the few paths available from that random job. Very few are aware of their interests and passion and follow their heart.

With an exhaustive list of career options available, our students had lots of “what if’s and why not” questions when it came to choosing the right career, starting with choosing the right subject stream in class 11 to ending up in a good college and eventually build a strong and happy future.

But they were lucky enough to interact with Ms.Vishrutha Amudan,a marketer by education and an education enthusiast or in better words a Dream Catcher by passion, who can empathize with the pulse of high- schoolers. She believes she has a skin in the game when it comes to motivating the next gen to help realize and work towards their dream careers.

Vishrutha, through her story, opened up the minds of the students, inspired them to see the possibilities of doing what they love to do. She answered each question deliberately and with absolute clarity. She encouraged them to be aware, to research and to network to make informed decisions. Students loved the interaction and absolutely excited to try and find where they want to be.