A trip to the Space center!- an effort to increase science literacy.


Learning in the lap of nature is always a welcome change for any child. Children learn more when they are provided a chance to learn through observation. CARE International School has always encouraged learning by observation and experiential learning rather than classroom learning. In a positive move in this direction the students were taken to a field trip. In a pleasant weather on 21st November2019 students of grades 4 and 5 were taken to a field trip to Anna Planetarium, Pudukkottai Road, Trichy.

After reaching the Planetarium the students were taken to the projection room (Theater) where they watched a movie about the space to enhance their knowledge about the Milky Way galaxy, heavenly bodies, eclipse etc. The large dome shaped projection screen displayed scenes of the night sky so realistically to stimulate the complex ‘Motion of the heavens’. Students watched it with their eyes wide open.

As they came out of the theatre there was another treat waiting for them—3 D show. They screamed out in excitement, first on a 3D Roller Coaster ride and then seeing tales of the Arabian nights. After the 3 D show they happily came out to see the environment gallery. It displayed exhibits related to origin of life, biochemical cycles, bio diversity, recycling, conservation etc.

Most of the students came out with their queries about why and how things happen so in the environment. The teachers explained the phenomenon to them. After the brain storming session there was a break for lunch in the evolution park.

Evolution Park showcased models of a variety of reptiles. Children read and noted the information about them from the display board. There were also some science models based on Newton’s third law of motion, sundials, kinetic energy etc. This field trip contributed effectively to kindle the scientific temperament of the student. The children were tired at the end of the day but thoroughly happy and enjoyed their fun cum learning experience.