National Level Winners!

VIKRAM SARABHAI SPACE CENTRE                            23rd October, 2019

CARE International School is very proud to state that our students were able to show their skills and potential in national level science examination conducted by VSSF in 2018-2019.

The national level SPOT winners were invited as guest to visit VIKRAM SARABHAI SPACE CENTRE at Thiruvananthapuram. It was indeed a very proud moment for us when Sam V Mathew, Nesika and Iniyaa of class VI were the proud recipients of this golden opportunity. Not only did they visit the Space Centre,they also had an interactive session with the VSSF Chairman, Padma Vibhushan, Mr. Madhavan Nair.

Students were elated by this one of kind opportunity. Students gained an insight into various satellites launched by us into space and learnt about the launches of various rockets and satellites by the ISRO.

They also discussed about the fuel used in the rockets ie GSLV uses liquid propellant. They were absolutely thrilled when they learnt about Solid propellant, Igniter, Engine, Propellant, SRE etc.

The students were shown the latest captured images of the Milky Way and the earth using the satellite technology. They were also taken to the planetarium were they saw a lot of working models with elaborate explanation. It was a wonderful experience for the students and CARE is very proud of its young scientist and hopes that they achieve many more mile stones in their lives.