World Animal Day

World animal day is a fantastic opportunity for the children of all ages to learn more about the role played by the animals in our day to day life irrespective of the fact whether they are wild animals or domestic animals. We must never forget that we also belong to the animal kingdom; the Homo sapiens are the evolved form of apes. Celebrating the world animal day is an opportunity to understand the need of animal kingdom and how to nurture this unique world of animals. International world animal day is celebrated every year on 4th of October. Here, at CARE International School our kindergarten children celebrated the occasion on 18th October, 2019. They celebrated this day by conducting of the following events:-

  • Recognize and Explore about animals using flashcards by pre kg, LKG and UKG.
  • Animal Sounds and young ones of animals.
  • Action song about animals.
  • Video about wild animals by national geographic.

The aim of celebrating this day in CARE is to help children take up responsibilities towards animals whether at home or elsewhere and display humanity towards them and nurture and wean them with love and utmost care as a part of their life.