An architectural Wonder!!!

It is a place of historic importance. It was the capital of Cholas’s during the medieval period. It is located in Ariyalur. It became the capital of Chola Dynasty in the medieval chola, during the reign of Rajendra Chola I and served as the Chola capital for around 250 years. The name means, ‘The town of the Chola who conquered Ganga’. The temple is a living history of the Cholas in stone from the period of Rajendra-I and a beautiful gallery of Chola art and architecture. Many sculptures were brought from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Bengal as war trophies are also preserved in the temple and in the nearby villages. Recently the UNESCO has declared the temple as one of the heritage sites/ monuments. The students enjoyed the beautiful trip and it was mesmerizing to see such beautiful sculptures and temple with such profound historical background.