A trip to Thiruvanai kovil: Art & Architecture of Cholas


The students of classes IV, V and VI had gone to the field trip on 1st October, 2018 to Thiruvanai Kovil. They saw the exquisite architecture belonging to the Chola dynasty. It is a 1700 year old construction right on the banks of river Kollidam.

Water can create havoc on buildings which are on its path.

With water at just few feet under the ground, it was an wonder to see a building with great might and beauty was built without destroying or blocking the water paths. There are few natural springs on the floor of the temple and Cholas were brilliant in creating wells and connecting each of them and using it to channel and drain the excess water into the Nandhavam to avoid damage to the building. What an Idea!!!

Students learnt to appreciate the  architectural style of Chola period and how one need to maintain nature’s balance.