Two of our science stream student Master Vyas and Master Aditya of Class XI  attended a 5 day Inspire science camp conducted by Department of Science & Technology,Govt. of India, in the premises of National college, Trichy.

It is a novel and innovative idea of the Government of India to sensitize the students about the various avenues that are available for research and analysis in the future. More people opt for IT and not research in Science wing, therefore to overcome this drawback the workshop/camp was organized. Eminent research professors and scientists addressed the students from all over Tamil Nadu. Dr. M. Ravichandran guided the students on the first day. The second day they were addressed by Dr. Ramanujam, a mathematics professor who engaged them with some interesting mathematical phenomenon and their impact on our day to day life. He also informed us about certain latest advancements in mathematics.

Mr. Subbaiah pandian displayed various interesting scientific concepts through experiments from materials available at home. Students made model rockets and launched them using compressed air. Our eminent professors and scientists like Mr. M. Lakshmanan, Physicists , Ms. Lakshmi Narshiman, Biologist addressed the students on various topics and shared their experiences in their field of research.

Dr. K.P.Pandian discussed various laws like Newton’s law, Archimedes principles etc and their origins.Then they had hands on session on circuits. The final day the students displayed their individual talents. The final day was about happiness and a life which is stress free.

The final session was by Dr. S. Jaganthan who addressed us on Mangrove forest and its impact over the eco system throughout the world with special emphasis on how it can prevent natural disasters. He was also the chief guest of the valedictory ceremony who ended the session with the future of science and scientists.