Democracy is a form of government for the people, by the people and of the people. In up keeping with the Care International Schools tradition, the school elections were held on 23th June, 2018. It was held based on democratic principles. Students were given time to file the papers /nomination and they were allowed to present their manifesto in the morning assembly. The election was held in two phases. The students from class VI to XII participated in the election. The positions for which the elections were held are as follows:

Positions Name of the student/class
Head Boy Rithick – Class XII
Head Girl Reshma – Class XII
Vice Head Boy Ashwanth – Class XI
Vice Head Girl Navya Sri – Class XI
Sports Captain Tharun – Class XI
Vice Sports Captain Sanjay – Class X
Cultural Secretary Keethana.P – Class XI
Vice Cultural Secretary Dharshan – Class IX
Fire house captain Sharath – Class XI
Sky house captain Vaishnavi – Class XI
Earth house Captain Lakshmi Pooja – Class XI
Sun House Captain Navin Sibiyarasu – Class XI
Vice- Captain Fire House Lalith – Class IX
Vice- Captain Earth House Sabareeshwar – Class IX
Vice- captain Sun House Thaniyathee – Class IX
Vice –Captain Sky House Koushali – Class IX


The primary students from classes I to V were also given a chance to choose their leader. This was done in a simpler manner by raise of hands and teacher’s nomination based on both scholastic and Co-scholastic records of the child. The positions for which election was held are:

Position Name of the students/class
Junior Head Boy Sam V. Mathew – Class V
Junior Head Girl Tarunya – Class V
Junior Sport Captain Amish Mohan – Class IV


The election went off smoothly and was closed by the conduct of investiture ceremony which was presided by Mr. Siva Kumar Lt. Kernal. Honourable sir declared the sports and cultural events for the year open and also conducted the swearing in ceremony for the future leaders of the Care International School. He was also the saluting officer for the march past of the various houses. He addressed the students of the school, where he not only raised their morale, but also gave his inference on wide variety of subjects from “Swatch Barath Abiyan “to “Moral conduct of a student”. It was a remarkable ceremony and was closed by the thank you speech rendered by the new head girl of the school. The event upholds the principle of democracy and is a prestigious event of Care International School.