Ethnic game day

Our culture and heritage is just not locked in some historic buildings, monuments, temples, pictures, it is not in our religious text alone, it is present in our values and even in our traditional games, which our children are now loosing due to modern games and video games  In Care International School, we encourage our students to remember and redig into the past and experience the pleasure and spirit of India. In order to bring the spirit alive in the children, we celebrated the “INDIAN ETHNIC GAMES”.

On Saturday, the 18th April, 2018 our school came alive with our students’ laughter and cheers filling all the walls. The games that the children played were:

  • Snake and Ladder: The game with a difference it is actually a symbolic representation that life is full of ups (Ladder) and downs (Snakes). A child is taught through this game that he if bitten by the snake must again play and not give up.
  • Hop Scotch: Hey come let us play hop scotch. Every one walks on two legs let me see you try catch me on one leg. This game shows the students physical stamina in trying to grab the other child by hopping around.
  • Kite Flying: Kites are colourful, beautiful and they are remarkable piece of papers that fly in the sky. An ordinary piece of paper with a long string out to touch the sky. The Kite is our students who the help of the string called education are out to touch the sky.
  • Top Spinning: Top spins on the needle tip it is based on the principle of shapes some science, maths and fun.
  • Ludoo/Thayam: how to face the challenges/ opponents in your life welcome to the game of ludoo. Think and play of you will lose your coin solider. Strategy and planning are a much acquired skill set presented to you by playing ludoo.
  • Gilli thand: Aim and hit the stick to reach the target. An outdoor game to be played in the open field with some caution and see how good we are at the striking skill.
  • Pallanguli: A traditional game played by our grandmothers and great grandmothers mind you it is not just putting some conch shells in wooden trays it is a game which helped them in mathematical calculations done orally. Today we use calculators but in those days people used shells to do calculations and believe it or not they were so quick and even today our grandmothers are better than us in mathematics, you bet.
  • Tyre Race: Who said that tyre should be used only to ride /drive a vehicle just roll it come on let’s have a tyre race. A game just for fun.
  • Last but not the least the sack race: Get into the sack and hop on till you don’t reach the finish line. Oops here you fall come on get up hurry up here we go.

The students from classes VI to XII had lots of fun and the teachers who helped in the conduct of the games relived the bygone years.