Field trip on “Yarn to Wardrobe”

field trip to manamedu

“From yarn to wardrobe”…

Learning doesn’t happen in a classroom. The lessons from real life and livelihood of other people reveal a new perspective of learning.

On 29th February, students of classes V – VIII had such a wonderful experience when they went to MANAMEDU on an extended learning tour, “From yarn to wardrobe”

Cha…da…cha…da… the children were excited by the sound from the thatched house and peeped into it. A weaver was weaving a cotton Saree… wow!!! what a hand and leg coordination!

Our children visited almost all the houses in the village, which was either a handloom unit or a power loom unit. On interaction with the weavers, our students got a first hand idea about how the fiber is converted in to fabric, difference between hand loom and power loom, types of fabric used and life style of people in the weaving sector.